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Methos Chronicles

Methos Chronicles
For some people couldn't download the episodes of The Methos Chronicles, I zipped those files. Just click on the links, un-zipp the files and open in Internet Explorer (yap..I don't like it either, but it's where it runs best).

If anyone would like to write a review, feel free. I'll post that here.
Just send me an email.

If you'd like to share your thoughts somewhere else just click on the IFILM-link beneath each ep or go to the official TMC site.
To post at IFILM you'll have to register.

Preview (1.43 MB)

Episode 1 (1.68 MB)
IFILM site for ep 1

Episode 2 (3.71 MB)
IFILM site for ep 2

Episode 3 (1.45 MB)
IFILM site for ep 3

Episode 4 (2.34 MB)
IFILM site for ep 4

Episode 5 (2.31 MB)
IFILM site for ep 5

Episode 6 (2.61 MB)
IFILM site for ep 6

Episode 7 (3.12 MB)
IFILM site for ep 7

Episode 8 (3.46 MB)
IFILM site for ep 8

Some people say: this is good, but we can never have ENOUGH Methos.
And they say: we need a LIVE action series and we need to make TPTB realize that.
To meet those people and make (hopefully) something happen,
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